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About us

We are a line of handcrafted shoes weaved by a century long passion for craftsmanship and time-honored secrets.
Handmade with genuine leather and the highest attention to details, our products are not just any pair of shoes. They are a piece of artistic work that gracefully wrap your feet with their appreciable durability yet timeless fashionable design.
We believe high quality artisanal work should be accessible to everyone. This is why we are leveraging innovation with online shopping, and making ourselves closer to you.

Shoe design should be based primarily on the anatomy and the mechanical functionality of the human foot. The second consideration should be the intended use of the footwear which will determine the choice of materials and structure of the shoes. Finally, style and fashion should influence the outward appearance of the shoe without compromising its comfort.

For many, the cost of high-quality shoes may seem uncomfortably high. Premium shoes are worth the price, though—they boast a high level of wearing comfort and are significantly longer-lasting than their cheaply mass-produced counterparts. When considered in the long term, purchasing quality shoes is actually easier on the wallet.

We know very well how to make the shoe architetural work start, which materials and what do deisgn, and how to make fit and be comfortable for wearing by using our hand skills techniques and software based works to end up with a very high quality finishing.